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If I had only known, I would have been a locksmith.


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I want YOU for US Peace Corps Philanthropy (and so does Uncle Sam) June 22, 2010

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Hello Friends, Family, Strangers, Lovers!

I am reaching out to everyone I know and taking advantage of this crazy social network to ask for your help in supporting a Peace Corps project of mine! This project was created out of the expressed need and desire from my community….

Quick Summary:

I am living in a remote mountain village in the Philippines, Guinzadan, for my 2 year service as a Peace Corps Volunteer. I am working within the educational system at the community’s high school and in overall community development. My village remains extremely rich in its native Igorot culture, while trying to keep up with the greater developing world so as to maintain a fighting chance for the success of its younger generations.

It is shocking to live in an isolated village with very simple living conditions, yet find a school equipped with a computer lab. Unfortunately, the valuable computer resources are not being realized due to poor condition, improper upkeep, and complete lack of training. My project revolves around improving the computer literacy of my community to help them meet the demands of the current age of technology. The major components of the project involve improving the lab facilities and equipment to create a workable computer lab, developing resources and courses for an effective technology component to be integrated into the high school’s curriculum, and holding computer literacy trainings for teachers/staff, government employees, unemployed professionals, and out-of-school youth in the community.

I have developed overwhelming support, monetary and non-monetary, from within the Guinzadan community to make this project sustainable. The entire vision for the project, improving the professional skills of individuals and competitiveness of the community as a whole, is one shared by the entire community. I am guiding the project from start to finish as a Peace Corps Volunteer, but essentially, the project will be completed by the Guinzadan community and the growth & benefits will continue long after the “project’s end” due to its sustainable nature and community initiation & ownership.

“Go to the people: live with them, learn from them, love them, start with what they know, build with what they have. But of the best of leaders, when the job is done, the task accomplished, the people will say: We have done it ourselves.” -LaoTzu

How Can You Help?!

To support my project I have written a grant proposal through the Peace Corps Partnership Program. They have accepted my proposal and posted my project online for potential donors to review and, hopefully, DONATE! The entire project is on standby until I can obtain the requested total funds.

Remember…. $1.00 is worth almost 50 pesos here…. So SERIOUSLY…. Every dollar counts! I know many of you may not be rolling in dough…. But every little bit will really help me out. And if you know anyone who is rolling in dough that might want to throw out some good karma into the world…. let them know about my Peace Corps project!

It is simple!

Click on this link…..

And DONATE! (Whatever amount your beautiful heart is able and willing to contribute!)

Here is a link to a SLIDESHOW I put together of the Guinzadan community and proposed project….. Sorry, no fancy video, I have limited technology and Internet in these mountains! Just download off of this file sharing site and VIEW. The download may take a bit of time because of the enormous file size BUT I put some heart & soul into it soooooooo go eat your merienda (snack) while its downloading and come back to pics of my new home sweet home J! *

*You will also find files for the project proposal in full detail with budget attachment if you so wish to look over. Tedious grant writing, but gives you more info.

Thanks to all of you… even if you can not donate!

❤ MelissaSue.

PS- I promise to come back from offline hibernation as soon as I see some philanthropic moves on your part haha joke lang! That reminds me… funny story: While in Manila… met these creepy old white men (pretty standard)… but when they introduced themselves and asked why I was here (not trying to exploit the PI poverty and desperation of women by frequenting GRO bars all day and night being an unfathomable idea in these fools’ heads)… the exact words that came out of one of the guy’s mouths when I told them I was a Peace Corps Volunteer was, “Well hell, we are meeting a real life humanitarian. Right before our eyes. I didn’t know they really existed.” Sometimes all you can do is chuckle. And that is precisely what I did.

Coming up…

Romping around the PI with the POPS à Return to site in a 24-hour neck brace called the MIAMI J.

Ohhhhhhh the SUSPENSE. Unbearable, eh?!?!